The Filmmakers Guide (18+ Hour Course + All Downloads)

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*Update - 16th August 2023: This product is being improved today, so you may experience some difficulties viewing or accessing the product until work is complete. I aim to finish work by midday BST.

Get access to ALL of our filmmaking, video production, video editing, etc. courses in one big bundle! PLUS download all of our digital products.


  1. Audio Recording for Video Production
  2. An Introduction to Adobe After Effects
  3. Learn to Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro
  4. Camera Movement
  5. Camera Settings
  6. Composition & Framing
  7. How to Film an Interview
  8. Filmign with Cars
  9. Gimbal 101: How to Use a Gimbal
  10. Green Screen Tips
  11. Lighting 101: How to Light Your Videos More Effectively
  12. Phone Filmmaking
  13. Photography for Beginners
  14. Stop Motion
  15. Timelapses & Hyperlapses
  16. In-Camera Transitions
  17. Wedding Filmmaking
  18. YouTube Tips: Confident on Camera
  19. YouTube Tips: Create a Successful YouTube channel
  20. YouTube Tips: Create a Filming Space
  21. YouTube Tips: Create Consistent Video Content


  1. 140+ Marker Pack Animations
  2. 50 Adobe Premiere Pro Title Pack
  3. 40 Splitscreen Film Mattes (8K)
  4. 100 Colourful Transitions (8K)
  5. 50 Looping Animated Gradient Backgrounds (8K)

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You will learn: Audio/Sound, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Camera Movement, Camera Settings, Composition & Framing, Filming an Interview, Filming with Cars/Vehicles, Green Screen, Lighting, Phone Filmmaking, Photography, Stop Motion, Timelapses & Hyperlapses, Transitions, Using a Gimbal, Wedding Filmmaking, YouTube Tips

18+ Hours
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The Filmmakers Guide (18+ Hour Course + All Downloads)

0 ratings
I want this!